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Different Countries

Best class I’ve had so far!!! I loved it!Guilherme - Sao Paulo, Brazil

Like I said, EXCELLENT, very helpful and interesting lessons. Thank you so much Rich. Take Care

 He is a really GOOD!!! teacher, and I feel so comfortable in the class.

 Excelente, su conocimiento del idioma español me ayudo en ciertas frases en las que estaba dudando. muy amena la lección.

He’s an excellent teacher, is easier learn with him. Thanks teacher excellent job.

very good lesson! It made me feel very confident

わかりやすい教師でした。Yuki - Tokyo, Japan

I love the style of the class, and the pronunciation.

Excellent practice not just about the topic but also focus on my pronunciation!

Very nice and understandable teacher, I loved this lesson. Thanks for the new understanding of some words.

It has been a very interesting class. Thank you very much. It has been really nice.

Richard is an excellent teacher. I like the way he explains words and expressions and i like his patience too.

Very nice teacher with a good sense of humor and good advice!Rui - Jakarta, Indonesia

A really productive speaking lesson where Rich has given me interesting advices about how to pronounce certain words and uses ‘pauses’.

Excellent class and excellent teacher too, good communication , I recommend

good time, i really enjoy this class

Thank you very much. Your advices are very clear and helpful for me.

Rich is an excellent teacher! Thank you!

Perfect class!
Rich speaks very clear and explains very well. Thank you!Ivan - Moscow, Russia

Rich is a very patient teacher, and he has an effective way to teach student. I give five starts to him, thanks, Rich!

You are very friendly! I hope to learn English with you again. 

It’s very nice that Rich correct my pronunciation patiently

His class is interesting, and speak very clear.

You are an excellent teacher. Today I learn a lot of knowledge from your teaching. Thanks.