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Rich: Hello.

Student: Hi.

Rich: What is your name?

Student: My name is Haley.  And you?

Rich: My name is Rich.  It is nice to meet you.

Student: It is nice to meet you too.

Rich: Where are you from?

Student: I am from Canada.  And you?

Rich: I am from the United States.  Where in Canada are you from?

Student: I am from Toronto, but I live in Vancouver.

Rich: How long have you been living in Vancouver?

Student: I have been living in Vancouver for 6 years.

Rich:  Vancouver is a great city.  If you don’t mind my asking, how old are you?

Student: I am 34 years old.  And you?

Rich:  I’m 34 years old too!  When were you born?

Student:  I was born in 1983.

Rich:  What month were you born in?

Student:  I was born in January.

Rich: Really?  What day?

Student:  The 9th.

Rich:  Cool, I was born on January 18th.  So, what do you do for work?

Student: I am an engineer.

Rich:  How long have you been an engineer?

Student: I have been an engineer for 9 years.  What do you do?

Rich:  I am an English teacher

Student: How long have you been an English teacher?

Rich:  I have been an English teacher for 3 years.  I'm sorry,  do you have the time?

Student:  Yes, it’s 6:34PM.

Rich: I wish I could stay and chat but I have to catch a train.    It was nice talking with you.

Student:  You too.  Have a good night!

Rich:  Thank you, you too!


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